• Technical Barriers to Trade Workshop for Latin America, Río de Janeiro, Brazil
    (September 15th-17th , 2014).
  • EcoProcura Conference, 24-26 de Set., 2014, Ghent, Bélgica.
  • Mrs. Daira Gómez, Director of CEGESTI. Mr. Rob de Jong, Head of Transport Unit of UNEP’s DTIE.
  • Mrs. Andrea Ávila. Randstad CEO, Red Global Compact, Argentina. Mrs. Daira Gómez, CEGESTI’s Executive Director. Mr. Carlos Lozano,(CEPES, Spain. Mrs. Luisa F. Mejia. Deputy Adviser, Office of Vice Ministry of Business Development, Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism of Colombia´s Government. Mr. Alvaro Schweinfurth, CEPES´s Representative
  • Photo: Mr. Sergio de la Torre, Minister of Economy; Mr. Roberto Ardón, Executive Director-CACIF; Mr. Hermann Girón, President-CACIF; Mr. Otto Pérez Molina, Presidente of the Republic of Guatemala; Mr. Jorge León, Ombudsman of Human Rights; Mr. Carlos Contreras, Minister of Labor, Mrs. Daira Gómez, Executive Director-CEGESTI.
  • On May 6th, the Executive Director of CEGESTI, Ms. Daira Gómez, officially handed to Vice Minister on Environmental and Natural Resources (MARN) of El Salvador, Ms. Lina Pohl, in San Salvador.
  • CEGESTI contributes with technical assistance and review of this guide.
  • CEGESTI’s new service leaded to companies and organizations interested in implementing best practices of respect to Human Rights.

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CEGESTI is leader in the design and implementation of innovative services that encourage sustainable development. In CEGESTI, we are committed to promoting sustainable competitiveness in the organizations and societies in which we take action.

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Main projects and contributions recently carried out by CEGESTI in support of sustainable development in Central America, South America and the world. This support facilitated the achievement of concrete results in environmental, social and economic aspects, generating a positive effect on the inhabitants’ quality of life.

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    CEGESTI participates in initiative to reduce fuel consumption.
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    "OHSAS 18001 será sustituida por ISO 45001"
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    - Criterios sociales en los procesos de contratación pública en Costa Rica

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