CEGESTI Partners and Networks



Climate and Clean Air Coalition

Climate Technology Centre and Network

Partnership for Clean Fuels and Vehicules

Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production Global Network

CEGESTI-Consultative Status with ECOSOC

The UNEP Sustainable Public Procurement(SPP)Programme



CEGESTI participates actively in diverse networks and national and regional organizations, among which are:

• BID – ConSOC (Costa Rican Civil Society Consulting Group)
• International Committee of NGOs (ISO 26000)
• Costa Rican Acreditation Body. Greenhouse Gases (GHG)
Validation/Verification Bodies Acrediting Comittee
• ISO 26000 – Civil Society Platform
• Ministry of Economy, Industry and Trade of Costa Rica (MEIC, as abbreviated in Spanish)
• Costa Rican Union of Chambers and Associations of Private Enterprises (UCCAEP).
Sustainable Development Commission
Costa Rican Institute of Technical Standards (INTECO). National Technical Committees for:
• Social Responsibility (INTE/ISO CTN RS)
• Support Technologies (INTE CTN 176 SC 03)
• Quality Management. (INTE-ISO-CTN 176 )
• Quality Systems (INTE-ISO-CTN 176/SC 02)
• Environmental Management (INTE-ISO-CTN 207)
• Gender Equality and Equity Management Systems (INTE CTN 38)
• Social Responsibility (INTE CTN 35 )
• Security in the Supply Chain (CTN 176 GT 02)
• Medical Devices and Equipment (CTN 176 GT 01)
• C- Neutral Working Group (CTN 207)

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