CEGESTI Partners and Networks



Climate and Clean Air Coalition

Climate Technology Centre and Network

Partnership for Clean Fuels and Vehicules

Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production Global Network

The UNEP Sustainable Public Procurement(SPP)Programme



CEGESTI participates actively in diverse networks and national and regional organizations, among which are:

• BID – ConSOC (Costa Rican Civil Society Consulting Group)
• International Committee of NGOs (ISO 26000)
• Costa Rican Acreditation Body. Greenhouse Gases (GHG)
Validation/Verification Bodies Acrediting Comittee
• ISO 26000 – Civil Society Platform
• Ministry of Economy, Industry and Trade of Costa Rica (MEIC, as abbreviated in Spanish)
• Costa Rican Union of Chambers and Associations of Private Enterprises (UCCAEP).
Sustainable Development Commission
Costa Rican Institute of Technical Standards (INTECO). National Technical Committees for:
• Social Responsibility (INTE/ISO CTN RS)
• Support Technologies (INTE CTN 176 SC 03)
• Quality Management. (INTE-ISO-CTN 176 )
• Quality Systems (INTE-ISO-CTN 176/SC 02)
• Environmental Management (INTE-ISO-CTN 207)
• Gender Equality and Equity Management Systems (INTE CTN 38)
• Social Responsibility (INTE CTN 35 )
• Security in the Supply Chain (CTN 176 GT 02)
• Medical Devices and Equipment (CTN 176 GT 01)
• C- Neutral Working Group (CTN 207)

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