CEGESTI seeks to achieve its strategic objectives through the following services: 

Disclosure of information

CEGESTI has put important information on different sustainable development-related areas at the disposal of society through electronic news bulletins, websites and printed publications. Information is disclosed with the purpose of contributing to build awareness on the region’s challenges to achieve a balanced social, economic and environmental development (desarrollo triple). 

Research and knowledge transfer

CEGESTI encourages the systematization and transfer of knowledge in critical issues for development; for this reason, it conducts research, documents experiences and develops implementation guides and good practice manuals. In this sense, CEGESTI establishes technical cooperation agreements with prestigious international universities and research centers to enrich its methodological resources. 

Capacity building

CEGESTI facilitates the capacity of individuals and organizations through educational activities and support in the application of knowledge about best management practices. When appropriate, it promotes the creation of non-profit organizations in a specific field to potentiate the capacities of a particular country. These services are provided in association with local counterparts, chambers of industry, exporters, comptrollers and ministries in the different countries where it operates. 

Policy Influence

CEGESTI heads incidence-related actions on practices and policies that contribute to improving human wellbeing and development. In this field, it participates actively in technical, incidence, local and international committees, and works towards creating spaces for dialog with the purpose of designing public policies and law proposals. 

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