Who are we?

Cegesti   CEGESTI is a non-profit organization specialized in generating capacities for sustainable development through the provision of consulting and training services.


What do we do?


  • - We provide consulting and training services to improve their sustainable competitiveness to public institutions, municipalities, companies and other actors in Costa Rica,
       Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean.
  • - We participate at local and regional in forums of political incidence about sustainable development issues.
  • - We perform public good labors with an impact on Social Responsibility, Responsible Business and Respect for Human Rights as part of our commitment.

How we do it?

  • - We develop practical tools and adaptations to strengthen the capacities of companies and institutions.
  • - We make alliances with research centers to be informed with the lasted competitiveness methodologies.
  • - We investigate in depth and create spaces for dialogue.
  • - We provides transparency by generating sustainability reports based on the GRI guidelines and the 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact.

CEGESTI’s Strategic framework

  • Mission

- We design and implement innovative initiatives that promote sustainable development

  • Vision

- To be the leading organization in the generation of capacities to achieve sustainable development in Latin America

  • Key Objective

To generate capacities and unfold the potentials that allow organizations to attain excellence in the exercise of sustainable operations




CEGESTI strategic plan is guided by the following policies:

  • Quality Policy
    “In CEGESTI, we are committed to satisfying the needs and requirements of our customers and others that apply; in addition to generating change for improving competitiveness in Latin America through the design and provision of services of information disclosure, research and knowledge transfer, capacity building, consulting, training and advocacy for capacity improvement in sustainable development.
    We maintain a proactive attitude aimed at seeking new technologies and knowledge and the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the quality management system.”.
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certification
    With the purpose of demonstrating our commitment to satisfying our clients and the continuous improvement of quality system effectiveness, CEGESTI has certified with the ISO 9001 standard the capacity building for sustainable development by Design and provision of services of information disclosure, research and knowledge transfer, capacity building, consulting, training and policy influence iin responsible business, responsible investment, good business practices, sustainable procurement, innovation, responsible consumption, sustainable development and social. The system was assessed and certified by SGS in keeping with the guidelines established by the United Kingdom’s accreditation entity (UKAS). At present, our system is certified with ISO 9001:2015 standard, valid up to June 2025. To see the certificate please refer to: http://www.sgs.com/clients/certified_clients.htm
  • Cegesti
  • Social Responsibility Policy
    In CEGESTI, we implement social responsibility practices that enable us to generate economic, environmental and social value, maintaining mutual benefit relations with our interest groups and contributing to the well-being of the societies in which we act.
  • Information privacy policy
    In this privacy policy we explain how we use your personal information when you purchase our services, receive newsletters or information about our services or any other type of interaction with us. View our privacy policy. Click here
  • Ecologic Blue Flag
    As part of our environmental commitment, CEGESTI has got the award of the Ecologic Blue Flag program, in the category Climate Change.
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Sustainability Report

CEGESTI in figures


  • - 32 Years of experience promoting sustainable development in Latin America.
  • - 130 Businesses assisted per year, during the last 10 years
  • - 25 New methodologies and topics developed per year, which are validated and implemented in real projects carried out in businesses and organizations.
  • - 35 Articles published each year on a variety of topics related to sustainable development.
  • - 174 Management Systems implemented and certified pursuant to diverse international standards.
  • - 13 Permanent collaborators in our work team.
  • - 109,753 Training person-hour provided during the last 10 years.

Our People


Board of Directors

Olman Vargas. Designado por el Colegio Federado de Ingenieros y Arquitectos
Gerardo Porras. Designado por la Cámara de Industrias de Costa Rica
Marco Vinicio Urgellés. Designado por la Municipalidad de Montes de Oca
Jesús María Castro. Designado por el Ministerio de Justicia y Paz-Representante del Poder Ejecutivo
Carlos Redondo. Designado por el Ministerio de Ciencia, Tecnología y Telecomunicaciones



Daira Gómez. Executive Director Lidietth Murillo. Administration and Human Resources
Roger Forbes. Project Manager Irma Reyes. Accounting
Gabriela Román. Project Manager
Mónica González. Project Manager
Melissa De León. Project Manager

CEGESTI Documents

By-laws By-laws reform

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